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  1. al says:

    The Blue Nile is listed as “coming soon” for the Flat Earth, I have the keg, it’s just waiting for the Lake Superior barleywine to quit, which might be tomorrow…I’m drinking my share…hic…

    but watch the street signs…we are on Franklin Avenue…not “Frankline”

  2. beachscrat says:

    Jeez Al, give Ryan a break…you act like your paid for those ads 🙂

  3. ryan says:

    Wait. Where does it say “Frankline”?

  4. al says:

    Wait. Where does it say “Frankline”?

    nowhere, anymore…it’s been corrected.

    come on, I’m just kidding! no biggie, everybody!

  5. beachscrat says:

    We’ll forgive you Al…
    But only if you get into a tap line buying competition with with the Gnome. Oh and you gotta buy Ryan a new camera too.

  6. ryan says:

    Don’t worry, I sold my soul to Coors for a new camera. Have you tried their new Spring Ale? It’s MIGHTY tasty!*

    *Okay… the camera is covered. I have not, however, tasted Blue Moon’s Spring Ale.

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