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The Groveland Tap was packed last night…

Wow… at the last minute, Dawn and I decided to Join Luke and Cassie at Groveland Tap to check out the craziness and have some $1.00 pints of Summit. The normally relaxed Groveland Tap was absolutely packed… almost to the point of being ridiculous… the bar was two people deep and the sidewalk and seating area were barely navigable. Despite the craziness, the Groveland Tap bartenders were slinging pints of Summit like nobody’s business and were likely worn out by the end of the evening. As a bonus, they were pouring Summit’s Oktoberfest last night – the first time I’ve seen it this year.
Did any MNBeer readers make it out to Groveland Tap last night?


  1. Trav says:

    Havent been there since Surly had a tea bag cask there. It was absoluley nuts then too. Doesnt help that the bar area is as wide as a hallway.

  2. ryan says:

    Yeah, not the wisest design of a bar in my opinion. On a quiet night, the bar can be a tight fit.

    that being said, last night was fun. I only regret not making it over to the Gnome for the Flat Earth release.

  3. B-Man says:

    What was released at the Gnome last night?

  4. ryan says:

    Flat Earth Bermuda Tripel…

  5. Trav says:

    I had the tripel at the brewery tour last friday… that was good stuff, and i am not usually a fan of triples. That bermuda honey is good stuff….

  6. Ben says:

    It was just as busy when Surly did cask brew down there. I couldn’t get service for well over 10 minutes (bartender kept going to other people that had been waiting 1/4 as long after telling me he’d be right with me)

  7. Ben says:

    Sally’s wasn’t packed at all when they had 1¢ Summits on tap. Much nicer place to sit and have a brew too. Hope you guys enjoyed paying 100% more for your beer!

  8. al says:

    You mention seeing Summit O’fest so early…I saw it two and a half weeks ago in MAdison! What the”’?!?>!

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