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Town Hall Beer Release: Milk Porter & 1800 IPA

townhall.jpgNew beers on Monday at Town Hall. Incidentally, I stopped by last night and they had some choice selections – Mango Mama, Evolution, Hefeweizen. Lots of good stout.

Looks like Monday 6/2 will we a huge day at Town Hall Brewery. Provided you are thirsty this weekend it looks like we will be releasing your favorite 1800 English IPA (6.3lbs hops per barrel) and the newest kid on the block our Milk Porter- on nitro. Nitro makes fast/mass quantities very difficult so Monday we will only be offering intro price for the 1800 IPA. Don’t worry the Milk Porter will still be on happy hour. Why a Milk Porter rather than a Milk Stout?? Wait until you taste how smooth and enjoyable this stuff is….you’ll understand. FYI keep your heads up for the upcoming Dark Chocolate Milk Porter and the Lingonberry Milk Porter….should be ready in about 3 weeks.
Wow- more tanks equals more fun!


  1. Trav says:

    Anyone know how many lbs per barrell Masala and Furious has? I thought Fury was somthing like 5…?

  2. Ben says:

    Furious has over 3 pounds per barrel according to the Surly website. Cask Furious gets another pound of hops in the cask.

  3. shane says:

    I do love my milk…….sounds phenomenal i must say. I’ll be enroute. Also seems like an opportune time to swing into bulls for a duo of spicy dags! And obviously a guy would have to run by stubs as well.

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