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Winterfest Teaser: Fitger’s

Fitger’s never disappoints with their selection at Winterfest! Here’s the 411 on the great brewery up North:

Gale Force Cranberry Ale: Belgian style golden ale, infused with copious amounts of cranberry.Round full flavor with a tart dry finish.  (8.2%)

Bourbon Barrel aged Edmund Imperial Stout: Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels filled with strong stout. Flavors are allowed to age and marry for 1 year.

El Diablo: Belgian style Strong Golden ale. Warming alcohol notes with a medium body and strong malt presence. Dry finish use caution as this beer is highly quaffable.

Misty Mountain IPA: A super-charged English IPA.  Brewed with low alpha English hops (one of our most expensive beers to make) and English malts.  Very hoppy and malty then nitrogenized to create a barrier to the hops. The perception is a smoother much more balanced beer.  We use around 8 lbs per barrel in this labor of hop love ale (7.5%)

Hair o’ the Monk: A Belgian style strong golden ale. gold in color flavors of bubblegum and strong citrus fruit notes.

Ole Redbeard Barleywine ’07: A strong long aged ale. Made with English maris otter malt and lots of hops. This ale is called Barleywine due to its strong alcohol content. Nearly that of wine.  

Procrastinator Doppelbock: This malty lager is a German style standard. malt forward with notes of bread, toast, sweet toffee and slight fruit. doppelbocks are double strength bock beers usually brewed for sustenance during cooler months.

El Nino Double Hopped IPA: Our best selling ale. Very full bodied and not very balanced. Hops first second and last. There is enough malt to offset the hops. 6 hop additions as well as dry hopped. IPA’s were originally made by the British to survive the long voyage to India from Britain. High alcohol and hopping rate preserved the ales and ensured they would be drinkable upon arrival.  California brewers decided to push that even further in the 1990’s.  Our IPA is double hopped with a floral nose from the dry hopping. 

In 2008 Fitgers Brewhouse started bottling 25 oz “bomber bottles” for the first time. Only special beers that are long aged in wood with multiple fermentation’s and or unique ingredients are being put in the corked bottles. We will realease some limited samples during the festival of:

Collaboration Cherry Grand Cru A joint effort with Town Hall brewery. T.H.’s Grand Cru and Brewhouse Cherry batch. Aged 3 years in two different wine barrels with a additional cherry addition in the last 6 months.

Fitgers Framboise: A 5 year project to brew a wild lambic type ale. This beer was pitched with 10 year old lambic and allowed to ferment in a lambic oak barrel. After 3 years aging we moved to another barrel and added raspberries.


  1. Dutch says:

    I hope some of these are at Fitger’s in Duluth this weekend. I’ll be up there helping to judge the Brew-Ha-Ha competition and not attending Winterfest.

  2. Don’t suppose anyone has Winterfest tix for sale?

  3. Beth says:

    I have three tickets for Winterfest that I’m looking to sell.

  4. ryan says:

    The framboise and grand cru were awesome…

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