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Town Hall Growler Spring Cleaning Program Continues


How many empty growlers are squirreled away in your basement, in the back of your cupboard or in your garage? And of those growlers, how many do you actually use?

If you’re up to your neck in old growlers, Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery can help. Through Sunday, May 17th, you can bring your growlers to Town Hall’s flagship 7 Corners location and exchange those growlers for either a $4 gift card or a $4 discount on a fresh growler of beer from Town Hall.

Earlier this week we were told that Town Hall had accepted more than 1700 growlers. Most of the returns have come from Minnesota breweries and brewpubs, but returns have also come from places such as Wisconsin and California.

After Sunday, through the rest of the month, Town Hall Brewery will continue to accept empty growlers from other breweries. Fans that return growlers will receive a $4 discount on refills.


  1. Ryan says:

    As a collector of growlers, this hurts… wondering if they’d be willing to sell any!?

    1. ryan says:

      It sounds like they’re rerouting local growlers to their respective breweries and recycling others. It couldn’t hurt to ask!

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