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Town Hall Ol’Blarney Release

Yet another good reason to visit Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery.

Hey All,
Start off your St. Patrick’s week with a bang this coming Monday with the release of  Ol’Blarney, a strong Irish Red Ale. The release will be kicked off with a bit of the Bagpipe. Where else can you drink beer while listening to live Bagpipe music and be surrounded by your friends?
Town Hall is where……See you monday.

And yes, we will have our fine corned beef and cabbage dinner and Irish Stew on TUESDAY.  Pint Club members….don’t forget to sign up for the upcoming Pint Club Dinner…Please RSVP today! Call the brewery with any questions, they should be able to answer you (except about the special beers for that dinner..those are secret)


  1. al says:

    I liked it on tap, and look forward to cracking open my growler.

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