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Town Hall Prints for Sale + Release


Check out that picture at the top. We had famous local artist Terrence Fogarty at the Blessing of the Maibock this year and this is his finished product. We had a limited 100 of these prints made and are now selling them. The first 25 are at the brewery, so swing in and check out the original in the bar and by your piece of Town Hall history today. There is talk of a series and this is the first……(they are signed and numbered).

Beer release Monday 5-6pm, check out “Alter Ego”. This is the creation of young brewer Adam after discovering this beer style while attending brewing school in Germany. “Alter Ego” is a Stikke Alt beer, this is a special alt made by breweries once a year that is stronger in alcohol and hops. This classic beer will be added to our Thanksgiving holiday pack in place of “ODIN” on Monday….you really hit the Odin harder than I thought you would! So come in Monday and try our “Special Alt” beer and get your holiday growler pack for Turkey day.

If I don’t see you have a great holiday-



  1. Trav says:

    How’d ya like to be the one guy not raising his glass in the upper left corner? He is destined for beer hell.

  2. David Berg says:

    Unless of course, he owns the place…just saying…

  3. Chip W. says:


    Great picture… very cool moment.

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