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Trav’s D-Day Videos & Surly Mild

Trav now has his videos of D-Day at Surly on YouTube.

Part I Part II

Take note… in part II Todd mentions that they brewed a mild for draft-only release. Hmmm… If you were to name Surly’s mild, what would you call it?
Thanks Trav!


  1. HT says:

    How bout Surly Serene?

  2. al says:

    I know what Todd wants to call it, and have to disagree.
    “Skypilot” is a terrible name.

    I vote for Surly Mellow.

  3. Pitmonkey says:

    Surly Weener… ween you off bad beer… maybe it should be SurlyWeen, no, that sounds like pumpkin beer. Surly Lightness?

  4. fantome says:

    “Skypilot” is a terrible name.”

    Tell that to the folks at the Herkimer…

  5. Ben says:

    “Surly Lightness” – No we’ve already reserved that one for the American macro lager they’ll be brewing with corn, rice, and a wave of a hand full of hops over the brew kettle.

    I vote for Mildly Numb.

  6. ryan says:

    Lemming Mild. 🙂

  7. skypilot says:

    “I know what Todd wants to call it, and have to disagree.
    “Skypilot” is a terrible name.”

    How about “To Style Mild”?

  8. al says:

    …even more horrible.

  9. lee says:


  10. al says:

    I’ve got it!

    Surly Passive-Agressive.

    aka Minnesota Nice!

  11. ryan says:

    That’s a great name Al!

  12. lee says:

    great name, but does irony exist in the middle west?

  13. Drew says:

    I suggest ‘Peeved’.

  14. Trav says:

    Miffed? Sounds like Todd is going to name it after Omar and keep the name “Mild.” Did I edit out the part where Omar mentions Bitter Brewer in cans possibly this spring? I dont recall..

  15. shane (dancin' man) says:

    i think you edited that out trav, however he definitely DID say that. gonna be a GREAT year over at surly so enjoy the ride boys!

  16. Drew says:

    WHOO! Bitter Brewer in a can is very, very good news.

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