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Two Rollout

SurlyFrom the Surly Website:

Surly Two will be released in a couple weeks to local bars. We have been slammed here at the brewery with the new construction project. The release of two at the Blue Nile was a sneak peek. We will post here when the beer hits the streets to local bars.
Oh yeah, we filled about 400 750s of two.


  1. mag says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call the release at the Blue Nile a sneak peak. That place was filled to the rafters with beeries. The two was interesting and good, but my one little goblet was about all I could handle of it for the evening.

  2. shane says:

    had some on thursday night. only had one, BUT would not be opposed to many more very tart, very delicious. get surly

  3. al says:

    yeah, we’re still picking some of those beeries out of the floorcracks and ceiling tiles.
    Will it be like this for every Surly release from now on, or just the ones where people think they’re getting some Darkness?

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