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WCCO: Push to Get Rid of Drink Specials, Happy Hour

Push to Get Rid of Drink Specials, Happy Hour – Darcy Pohland

Ugh. In my not-so-humble opinion, happy hour specials and binge drinking are not mutually exclusive.


  1. Chad says:

    Worst. Idea. EVER.

  2. Ben says:

    It completely stopped binge drinking in Boston right?

  3. Ben says:

    Time to contact the City Council and let them know how you feel about this idea.

  4. DanK says:

    I guess every hour will have to be happy hour!

  5. Jason B says:

    How about Unhappy Hours, when you pay a premium over the regular price (the old happy hour price)?

  6. jeh says:

    Massachusetts has a law like this on our books. From what I can remember of my college years and early 20s, it doesn’t substantially reduce binge drinking (or the attendant concern, drunk driving.) People who study public policy may beg to differ, but the only difference I saw was people having less money leftover after a night of carousing.

  7. WitsEnd says:

    Come on now! We all know that placing regulations on cost and availability of alcohol can reduce binge drinking.

    That’s why we don’t have any problems with underage binge drinking, right?

  8. KB says:

    Let the bars regulate themselves or put into place stiffer penalties for serving intoxicated customers. Don’t penalize the majority based off of what the minority is doing. I don’t go to the U but did go to a big school with a great bar scene and binge drinking was more an issue at the house parties that were by campus not the bars.

  9. Joey says:

    Better yet, find your ward member and tell them:

  10. Brex says:

    I agree with KB. Bars don’t kill people, people kill people.

  11. Scott McGerik says:

    Instead of trying to legislate away binge drinking amongst the college crowd, why not try change the culture such that binge drinking is discouraged. If there is an increasing number of people who binge drink, that suggests to me something has changed culturally.

  12. Cecil says:

    I grew up in the 1970’s and there was binge drinking in the 70’s, in the 80’s in the 90’s and so on and so on……. You can outlaw binge drinking today and tomorrow there will still be binge drinking. Just because you pass a law, does not mean the “problem” goes away, you may feel better and pat yourself on the back but, in reality nothing changes. People need to take responsibilty for their OWN actions.

  13. niko says:

    If you go and dig through the city council agenda to find the actual recommendations, you’ll see that WCCO engaged in some good ol’ fashioned muck raking. The recommendations, which I don’t necessarily agree with anyway, focus on drink for free or unlimited for x price specials, cracking down on drinking games in bars, limiting the sales of 40s (??) and so forth. There is no mention of banning specials outright.

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