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  1. David Berg says:

    Man, comment #1 is hilarious. “Me and my friends didn’t know about it so the organizers are incompetent!” Gotta love people…

  2. FlatEarth says:

    I personally like this quote “Who is asleep at the switch in this organization? What did they do…drink too much of their own slop?”. It warms my heart to hear that they think of MN beer as slop.

  3. Mag says:

    lol, yeah, the strib comments are usually pretty hilarious. Oh, the joy of anonymous posting!

  4. Duke says:

    I love how highly that person thinks of themself…because obviously if they didnt hear about it, it wasnt well marketed! Last time I checked there are still roads leading out of Mn.

  5. Jason B says:

    Self-involvement syndrome strikes again!

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