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Whirly Bird Oatmeal Stout

braubrothers.jpgBrau Brothers’ Whirly Bird Oatmeal Stout is available for your drinking pleasure. Dustin showed me the label at Winterfest – nothing like a big black bird in a roof vent. 🙂

Whirly Bird is our farewell to winter. Big and bold, even for an oatmeal stout, this ale is chewy and complex. A variety of oats, toasted at different levels make up a full ten percent of the malt bill. Add to that roasted barley, crystal malt, and chocolate malt for a well-rounded stout. This ale is a remake of an oatmeal stout served years ago
at the tiny local pub in Lucan. 

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  1. Mag says:

    I had a chance to try the Whirly Bird at the Brewers Bazaar. I think it’s probably my favorite Brau brew. I recommend trying it.

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