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Winterfest Countdown

Just think, tomorrow night at this time some of you will be finding your way to a cab or bus or Great Waters, basking in the joy of what was Winterfest.

In case you’ve been jonesing for some more info, I’ll give you more beers for Winterfest. Without further delay…

Brau Brothers Brewing Co. will perhaps be bringing a dubbel. Go easy on them if they don’t – starting a production brewery, even with the brewpub background, is quite an endeavour. If the brothers don’t bring the dubbel, I promise they’ll bring a Scotch ale.

Collin tells me that Barley John’s will be bringing an “Extra Special Lager,” a 7.3% abv pre-prohibition style lager that’s been hanging out in their new dedicated lagering tank. “Brewed using Czech Saaz hops and our special Lager yeast blend, this high gravity winter pilsner was made to offset the  traditional Winter Warmers while still delivering the same end result – the Extra Special.”