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Winterfest teaser no. 1… Fitger’s line-up

Fitger’s BrewhouseIt must be greater Minnesota day here at MNBeer… I’m sipping a bit of McCann’s Prairie Porter and just remembered that Dave sent me Fitger’s list of beers for Winterfest. Here they are… there might be a surprise as well, but we’re not telling. They all sound good, though I’ll confess that I’m looking forward to wheat wine and the Blue Label Grand Reserve as I like the wine-barrel aged beers more than bourbon.

The list is below the fold… later this week we’ll share McCann’s offerings…

1. Park Point Pilsener 5.5%
German style hoppy lager. Only German malt and hops used. Smooth and clean finishing, a bit lighter then the rest.

2. Imperial Pilsener 8.5%
German style double pils. Aged for 8 months to let flavors mature. A bit more alcohol and flavor then Park Point.

3. Gale Force Cranberry Ale 8.2%
Belgian style golden ale, infused with copious amounts of cranberry. On the sweeter side with a tart dry finish.

4. Edmund Imperial Stout – Bourbon barrel aged 9.0%
We added our aged Ed stout to a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel. Aged for 9 months and presto. Nice bourbon, vanilla notes complementing the rich coffee,toffee stout flavors.

5. Blue Label Grande Reserve – Pinot Noir barrel aged
Our Imperial Belgian abby style ale. Lagered then aged in the wine barrel. Notes of plums and raisins match the oak and red fruit flavors.

6. Bellsnickle Wheat Wine 11.5%
Our yearly holiday wheatwine. 1 yr of aging with a strong wheat/alcohol/vanilla presence.

7. Hair O’ the Monk 9.9%
Our Belgian style tripple ale. Golden and light bodied with lots of fruit esters and a warm fuzzy finish.

8. Mr. Spock Eisbock
German style triple bock. Frozen and aged. The flavors condense into a malt bonanza well worth a cold winters night.


  1. Eric says:

    I think that should be “greater Minnesota…”

  2. ryan says:

    That’s what it says…

    …after I changed it, of course. 🙂

  3. Justin Dexheimer says:

    Thanks! I am very very excited for this!

  4. Eric says:

    I think the key word for the event will be “pacing”

  5. bthek says:

    And food before the fest, cheese or grease. Something to coat the stomach.

  6. Jason says:

    Eric, I think the better word for the evening will be “Taxi”!

  7. bthek says:


  8. skypilot says:

    That’s one hell of a line up!
    Mr. Spock Eisbock is great, drink it up boys and girls!!!

  9. Ben says:

    Nice lineup but I think last years was better. Last year they had:

    Edmund Imperial Stout – 10.9%
    2005 Ole’ Redbeard Barley Wine – 11.2%
    1100 Wheat Wine – 11%
    Jodicus Wiezenbock – 8.1%
    Misty Mountain IPA – 8.4%
    Blue Label Grande Reserve – 8.8%
    El Diablo – 11%
    Mr. Spock Eisenbock – 10.5%
    Old Cherry Edmund Imperial Stout – 8%

    Winterfest is one that’s almost impossible to practice moderation at unless you want to leave having only a couple samples. Get a taxi or take a bus, don’t drive.

  10. ryan says:

    Taxi, hotel, bus, sober friends… whatever it takes.

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