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Winterfest Teaser: Schell’s line-up

What is August Schell Brewing Co. bringing to Winterfest you ask? Here’s their list:

Schmaltz Alt
Einbecker 1878
Maifest Kellerbier (dry-hopped in the Fass)


  1. fantome says:

    Okay, so now I regret that I’m not going to Winterfest…

  2. Eric says:

    Any clue when the entire line-up will go up? The site says “More information on what the brewers are bringing will be displayed closer to the festival.” It’s a week away…!

  3. ryan says:

    Depends on when they get the booklet done. Some people are notoriously slow in getting these sorts of things in. If they can swing it, Colin mentioned that they might release it early again.

  4. David Berg says:

    I guess I should have put some beer descriptions down also. Here they are

    Einbecker 1878 Doppelbock

    Based on a doppelbock from 1878, this beer is a deep garnet red with an intense malt character and a firm bitterness in the finish. The perfect blending of nine different malts combined with the generous use of noble hops create a complex malt backbone with a sturdy bitterness to balance out the sweetness. The first beer in our draft only Anniversary Series.
    18 Plato, 35 IBU

    Snowstorm 2007

    Snowstorm 2007 was inspired by the Monastic beers of Belgium. An authentic Belgian yeast produces subtle overtones of fruit and spice. Six malts combined with a touch of Turbinado sugar help to create a complex malt character, with hints of raisins, dark fruit and rum
    15.7 Plato, 19 IBU

    Schmaltz Alt

    The rich, sweet malty flavor with hints of licorice is balanced by a chocolaty bitterness. Dark brown in color and topped by a thick, creamy tan head.
    14 Plato, 21 IBU

    Dry Hopped Maifest Kellerbier

    A blonde dopplebock, brewed to welcome spring, which has to be just around the corner! Enjoy this version, unfiltered, unpastuerized, and with only the carbonation that appears naturally in uncapped beers in the lager cellar. Served from a traditional Bayerische Anstiche Fass, we dry hopped this with Liberty hops.
    17.8 Plato, 25 IBU

  5. skypilot says:

    I need a ticket to Winterfest…..

    Dave, need help pouring beers?

  6. David Berg says:

    Sky, I’d love to help you man, but all our passes are spoken for…

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