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$50 for $28.75 at Great Waters

I just noticed this promotion running over at am1500 radio.  Get $50 in gift certificates from Great Waters for $25 (+ shipping).  There is some fine print (e.g. you have to use the whole thing in one visit), but could be a good deal and it works for alcohol as well as food.


  1. Session Beir says:

    Has anyone done this? It doesn’t mention when they expire. Anyone know?

  2. ryan says:

    Not this particular one, though I’ve done the same sort of thing for other restaurants and it worked out well.

  3. mag says:

    Kris has purchased a couple of these over the last year or so. It’s a great deal. I just took a look at a couple we received yesterday and they expire on 8/25/08. So, looks like you get 6 months.

  4. TruthBrew says:

    I just asked Sean at GWBC, he said as of now they have no expiration.

  5. mag says:

    Just so…there is an expiration date printed on them. Buyer beware.

  6. John Quast says:

    I’ve done these almost every time they come up on the Clear Channel family of sites. KFAN, Cities, and K102 at least have a different restaurant every week. It is a great deal and they usually expire 1 year from the week that they are posted, so it’s possible that KSTP had some older one’s still up on the site or some left over from a previous promotion. Either way most restaurants will honor them (and really, who can go one year between visits to Great Waters?). In fact, some one can correct me but I believe that it is a state law in Minnesota that purchased gift cards must be honored even if they are past the expiration date, stores can only enforce expiration dates on gift cards given as merchandise credit.

  7. John Quast says:

    Just an update:

    K102 still has 68 certificates available for GW Here:

    Cities 97 has Great Waters coming up on the 13th here:

    KFAN doesn’t have them coming up, but here’s the site:

    All the Clear Channel sites are updated Thursday morning at 8AM (announced on their respective morning shows).

    With the money you save on dinner, you can buy more Minnesota Beer!

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