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And the Snowshoe Award Goes To…

Congrats to Flat Earth Brewing for winning the Snowshoe Award at Winterfest this year with Grand Design – S’more infused Cygnus!

Don’t forget, you have a chance to pick up some of their beer today, although don’t expect to find any Grand Design.
You can expect to find:
Belgian Pale Ale
Angry Planet Pale Ale
Black Helicopter Coffee Stout
Northwest Passage IPA
Cygnus X-1 Porter
Unfiltered Curly Tail Ale
Winter Warlock Golden Barleywine

Growler sales are 12:00 – 3:00 pm Saturday.


  1. Ben says:

    Girlfriend voted for Grand Design and stole my vote to stuff the ballot box for it too. Great brew. Any idea what exactly is used to infuse such an aroma and flavor?

  2. ryan says:

    I don’t think Jeff said exactly how he did it, but there’s some mention here…

    I’d be curious to get the scoop… interesting beer.

  3. Trav says:

    I snagged a couple growlers of it back in Dec. Really good stuff, better then Shorts Smore Stout too. Hope they make it a bit more often now

  4. mnbeerbabe says:

    Town Hall received Top Brewery award at the event as well.

  5. bockboy says:

    I’d like to add that I thought the organizers really did a good job of improving the layout and flow of traffic compared to last year. It seemed really crowded and it was hard to move from one brewery to another last year. This year, it seemed much more spread out and open and there wasn’t much of a wait at any booth, even Surly. In fact, it seemed to me that Town Hall had the most consistently long lines all night – even more than Surly.

    I wasn’t sure I’d go back this year due to the congestion and crowds last year. I’m glad I did. Good job to the organizers!

  6. Mag says:

    Ditto, bockboy. My sentiments/observations exactly.

  7. Karl says:

    Agreed on the organization of the fest this year. Smart move stamping everyone’s hand in line instead of having a bottleneck at the door when it started. Food was great and more plentiful than last year. Brews again were excellent and adventuresome. No shortage of Belgian styles and imperial everything–particularly liked Town Hall’s Imperial Pils, Great Waters Cherries Dubbelee, Summit’s “special” Great Northern Porter, Schell’s Maifest, Surly’s Jesus Juice (aged in Pinot Noir casks), and the offerings of McCann’s in St. Cloud.

  8. Chris says:

    Thought it was pretty cool. The new layout worked with the space quite well. Just a few bottlenecks and the usual dumbasses who aren’t smart enough to MOVE AWAY FROM THE STATION TO DRINK YOUR BEER instead of moving five feet back and looking like you’re in line. At least some people are smart enough to try to talk to a brewer off to the side.

    Also liked that there wasn’t a map… I heard a lot of “hey where’s Town Hall” or “Where’s Surly?” I had fun cruising around without a plan and just finding different breweries.

    Food was pretty good, though some people seemed to be pigging out as soon as they got there. Weird. Winterfest is not your dinner! 🙂

    Heh. All my complaints are about people, not the event. Rock.

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