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Beer is the Best Xmas Present…

…or Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivus, etc….

Many thanks to Don from Lake Superior Brewing for inviting me to visit Golden Leaf Tobacco tonight for a low-key tasting and some great beer. The guy really came through, bringing some Old Man Winter Warmer from his personal collection. The beer had been aged 2-3 years, and boy, was it a tasty barleywine. Good times.


  1. beachscrat says:

    Hey….where was our invite!!??? 🙂

  2. ryan says:

    This event was mostly aimed at Golden Leaf’s clients. I had asked Don if he had any Old Man Winter Warmer and the guy goes above and beyond and brings a couple of bottles from his private stash. That was very cool.

    FWIW, Lake Superior is having a tasting tonight at Zipp’s.

  3. al says:

    btw, Old Man Winter Warmer is on tap at Acadia Cafe currently, first time I’ve ever seen this one on tap….and, keep in mind, accounts had to pre-order a year ahead, as the beer took that long to make…I should get some at the Blue Nile this year, too…

  4. beachscrat says:

    I bet it went well with the cigars. mmm yummy.

  5. Don says:

    It’s also on at the Sample Room in Northeast.
    They have great all from scratch cooking, worth checking out. For you fellow beer history buffs the building was built as the brewery tap for the original Gluek’s Brewery.

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