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Brewhouse Beer Monks at Renaissance Festival Sat. & Sun.

Brother Hoops sent us beautiful message on parchment paper announcing that the Brewhouse Monks would be down at the Renaissance Festival, 20-sided dice in hand*, pouring Fitger’s finest at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this weekend from 11-5 on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t think of any better reasons to head over to the Renaissance Festival (aside from maybe Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup homebrew contest). Minnesota-made beer? Sounds like a winner to me!

*Slight apologies… perhaps I’m still bitter from being harrassed by women in peasant dresses in the skyway earler this week, but I still like to tease. Don’t get cranky… I’ve had drama-geek (whoops, there I go again) friends since high school and know that some of you secretly still play D & D and Shadowrun. You can make fun of my bicycle geekery if it makes you feel better. 🙂

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  1. Joey says:

    Thanks for acknowledging that there is more in the RPG world than D&D, don’t care for it myself(love the history). Shadowrun is my all time fav, but we get away with 6-siders. 😀

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