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Help the Homeless… Beer Judges, That Is…

Ugh. Sorry. Another bad joke. That being said, we here at advocate giving money, gifts or your time to shelters, food shelves, Empty Bowls, etc. ’tis the season, after all.

On a less-needy level, organizers of the Upper Mississippi Mashout are seeking lodging for beer judges for January’s event. I THINK, I’m going to enter my very first beer in this contest. Wish me luck… Anyway, read on:

From Rob Groneman:

Hello all!

This should reach you via SPHBC or through the MHBA.

As you all know, the Upper Mississippi Mashout judging is held Jan 26 and 27.

I am organizing the Beds for Brewers service for the 2007 Upper Mississippi Mashout. The Beds for Brewers service matches in town hosts with out of town folks working for the UMMO. It is my hope that this service will stimulate more out of town folks to make the trip out to judge as we can use the help! We only ask that you provide a quiet place to sleep, bedding, and a shower/bath. Anything beyond that is up to you.

I know how generous we in the midwest can be and I know there are a lot of spare bedrooms, hideaways, standard couchs, and even floor space to accomodate incoming judges, stewerds, etc.

Send me an email at or call me at 612-229-7763.

I will assemble a database of available accomodations and prepare for accomodation requests.

Thanks for your committment to the UMMO.

Rob Gronemann