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Coffee Bender Cans

Go find it… sounds like they might be scarce for a bit, but they’re out there. Hmm. I could use some coffee right about now… the beer, of course, would only be gravy…


  1. Erik says:

    I picked up 2 4-packs at Surdyks this evening and had one when I got home – mighty tasty. Though I discovered that (like many beers) the Coffee Bender is *much* better after letting it warm up a bit. I found that the coffee flavors became much more pronounced after warming.

  2. Kris says:

    Cellar’s in Eagan has it as well as a limited supply of Hop Slam.

  3. Juno says:

    If you are in St. Paul, 1st Grand Avenue Liquors carries Surly beer, I know they got a fair amount of Coffee Bender. Too me it tastes like they used more coffee this batch.

  4. surly brewer says:

    Same Bender/Coffee ratio,slightly different process to take care of some stratification in the 30BBL CoffeeBender tank


  5. Greg says:

    On my 2nd 4 pack in less than 4 days. Man this stuff is good. Coffee flavor does not seem to be a pronounced as then stuff they served as Darkness Day, but it is great stuff IMHO.

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