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  1. Andy S says:


  2. Great, I love paying more money for the same thing.

  3. Ben says:

    Jason – Surly has worked hard to find a solution to allow them to even make this sale happen after passing the cap that allowed them to do it last year under the growler law. This means that the City of Brooklyn Center Liquor Stores will actually be the ones selling it. They’ll need a cut of the selling price. Raw ingredient prices have gone up across the board over the past year too which also contributes to price increase. Only the large breweries have been able to keep the prices from increasing.

    If you really are Jason Derusha from WCCO, I’d think you’d have the ability to research these type of things before making comments like that.

    If you don’t like the price, no one is forcing you to buy it.

  4. Flat Earth says:

    Sorry Ben but prices for hops & malt are down 2009 not up.

  5. Chad says:

    As far as Surlyfest is concerned, how big is the stein?

  6. Jason says:

    Good to see the Surly fanboys are still out there. God forbid anyone speak ill of the great Surly!

  7. Trav says:

    Chad-its your typical .5L Dimpled Stein, its pretty nice. Calm down Ben, price hikes are typically justified, people are still going to bitch about it, especially w/ the economy the way it is.

  8. beerfan says:

    It was overpriced and overrated at $16, $20 is ridiculous.

    Why not just release the beer without all the hoopla and keep the price reasonable?

  9. DanK says:

    Surly fan or not. Last time I checked, people start a business to make money.

  10. Duke says:

    Gee, Im not a big fan of this particular beer and $20 is waaaay to much to pay for it. THEN DONT BUY IT!!! Ill never figure out why so many people think that profit is a dirty word.

  11. beery says:

    surlyfest question:

    “there will not be additional beer available for purchase”

    does anyone know if that means the tokens given on entrance are all you can use to get beer, or if it means that the only beer available at the fest is Surlyfest? would be a pity if you can’t have a glass of furious at this event.

  12. Ben says:

    beery – I’d assume it means you get 4 glasses and that’s it. Last year they had the full lineup of brews in addition to SurlyFest.

  13. beery says:


    anything special available last year? Like darkness or tea bagged furious? or was it just surlyfest and the standards?

  14. beerfan says:

    You get what you pay for. In this case it’s image and nothing more.

    You like underattenuated RIS? Good for you.

    As Jason notes the taboo still exists for people to say what they think about Surly if they don’t fall in line with the fanboys.

  15. beery says:


    who are you trying to get in an argument with?

    A lot of people who know a decent amount about beer and imperial stouts seem to think Darkness is a good/great brew. Check out some of the “top reviewers” on Beer advocate and their opinion.

    that being said, if you don’t like it, we all respect that. Everyone has their own palate.

    but stop putting the rest of us down because we think it’s a beer worth seeking out. I wouldn’t spend 20 bucks on a bottle unless I really enjoyed drinking it.
    There’s a lot of good beer out there, and my money is scarce.

  16. beerfan says:

    Beer Advocate? Hahahahahahahahaha. Herd mentality. All the top beers are either over the top in alcohol, really hard to get, or both.

  17. Willie says:

    Amen, Beerfan. Surly is ALL about the hype. Their beers are decent but not everyone feels they deserve an A+. As a certified beer judge with BJCP I would have a tough time giving any of their beers high marks. It’s a free country last time I checked which means we can criticize your favorite beer as much as you can praise it. Your loyalty is admiral and what Surly’s hype does for the MN beer scene is positive overall. So, go enjoy your $20 Darkness. Many of us will spend our $$ elsewhere.

  18. Matt says:

    Seems that every time a large-ish amount of people like the same thing it’s considered “Herd Mentality”. I’ve been to Surly events, at the brewery and otherwise, and there’s a grand following for a reason – Surly makes tasty brews. Of course that’s my opinion but many of us enjoy Surly’s unique beers, and for a good reason if you ask me, which I know you didn’t. 🙂

    Part of what makes Darkness a purchasable beer for me is the hoopla surrounding it, honestly. I really like the brew, but it’s great being at the brewery, hanging with cool people, talking beer, bbq, and whatnot, and just drinking in the atmosphere that is the Surly Nation. They throw some great parties, and they’re tons of fun. All of that contributes to making Darkness a beer I’ll purchase as long as they keep selling it. Sure I’m a “fanboy”, but after multiple hang-out sessions with the cool Surly folks, they’ve earned my respect.

    Now, 6 bottles at $120? I’ll have to see about that. 🙂

  19. Andy S says:

    Matt….WELL SAID, and the fact that you cant get Darkness anywhere else but the good old Twin Cities, it ages very well so 5 years from now you can crack it. I ‘ll agree 20 bucks is steep and I’ll only buy 2 but at least I can buy it. The beer geek in California might never be able to buy it.

  20. beerfan says:

    I have to respect the business Surly has built, but I honestly don’t think they’re beer is top of the line. Good yes. Great no. They’re overpriced, overhyped, oversweet and trendy. Can that be maintained over decades? Maybe.

    It’s marketing over beer. Being unique JUST to be unique is, I think, shallow at best. Just because they’re local and hard to get does not equal good.

  21. Ron says:

    I’m also BJCP certified and I’ll agree with Willie on one thing. Many of Surly’s beers would not score well within that framework.

    Who gives a shit? Surly makes fantastic beer that I want to drink. Until Todd says that Darkness was brewed to conform to 13F, you have no business BJCP namedropping. Being part of BJCP doesn’t mean you have taste.

    The facts are these:
    1) Surly’s beers do not exhibit any technical flaws.
    2) A large number of people enjoy the beer. (Including some BJCP national judges I know.)
    3) You do not.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  22. beerfan says:


    Not attaacking you personally, but the reverse is also true. Being a Surly fanboy doesn’t mean you know your head from your ass. Being on BA doesn’t mean you know squat about beer.

    Even if Darkness is not a RIS it’s sickeningly sweet. Blah.

    Why do Surly apologists go through so many contortions to justify their taste? Is it because they’ve bought into the “edgy” image lock stock and barrel? Is it because they need to justify the greater cost somehow?

    Like Surly all you want. I really don’t care, but as beer lovers we should be able to have a rational conversation about the merits of a beer without getting all bent out of shape.

  23. Ben says:

    Willie – I question your BJCP judging abilities as Furious was named by the JBCP as a good commercial example of an American IPA (now listed as an Imperial IPA I believe as it seems the people in charge of the BJCP guidelines can’t seem to follow their own guidelines). I also don’t put much stock in a ‘certification’ that’s self accredited. It’s worth about as much as the masters degree I print off online. Some people look too much to the BJCP to tell them what’s good and what’s bad. Be your own person with your own tastes. Who cares if a beer meets some stupid style guidelines. Does it taste good to YOU or not. That should be the most important thing and it’s something that lots of these people too wound up in the BJCP crap can’t seem to do.

  24. Ron says:

    Being a Surly fanboy doesn’t mean you know your head from your ass.

    as beer lovers we should be able to have a rational conversation about the merits of a beer without getting all bent out of shape.

    Way to practice what you preach.

  25. beerfan says:


    It’s obvious you don’t know how the BJCP works. And there’s no one looking to the BJCP to tell them what’s good that I’ve ever met. The fact that not everyone thinks Surly is the cat’s pajamas really seems to bug you for some reason. Why is that, Fanboy?


    When did I get bent out of shape or irrational? Why is it sour grapes for people to think for themselves and not agree with you? What makes Willie’s opinion any less valid than yours? Why should we give a shit, as you put it, about what you say?

  26. Duke says:

    You know why some of us get bent out of shape by you beerfan…because you are combative douchebag who seems to like nothing more than pissing people off. You dont like Darkness, good for you, as a matter of fact I dont like it either. But unlike you, I am not willing to come to the conclusion that because I dislike a beer that others like, they are sheep and fanboys of Surly rather than say, everyday people with their own pallets and own ideas about what they like. Whats your fucking problem anyway?

  27. beerfan says:

    Where did I say any of that, Duke? Please point it out. I’m serious. Reread everything I’ve written and please tell me where I called anyone a sheep or put them down for liking Surly.

    Yes, I did call Ben a fanboy, but he is.

    I also don’t think I called anyone a douchebag or asked anyone what their fucking problem is.

    If I do have a problem it’s that people take marketing at face value and don’t think for themselves.

  28. beerfan says:


    Just to be certain I just reread this thread and I did NOT use the word sheep at all nor did I attack anyone personally.

    Not sure what your fucking problem is, dude.

  29. Duke says:

    Ok, my post wasnt very civil and I apologize for that. I guess Ive just bought into that “edgy” Surly marketing too much.

  30. beerfan says:

    Civility aside, Duke, you accused me of things I didn’t do.

  31. Duke says:

    Beer Advocate? Hahahaadnausium. Herd mentality. As a happy user of Beer Advocate I suppose I took offense to the idea that perhaps some of my reviews are laughable and mearly a product of herd mentality. Generally I would equate being a part of a herd with being a sheep or some other pack animal, which when refferenced in such a way one can infer that being a member of a pack or sheep means you are unable to think for yourself. Forgive me if I missinterperted that post or your others. Sometimes peoples opinions on forums like these come across as condesending and passive agressive when they are not meant to be…which is obviously the case here.

  32. beerfan says:


    I don’t know you. A general statement about my perception of BA doesn’t mean anything particular about you.

    Just look at the top rated BA beers. All high alcohol and extremely hard to get.

    I’ve also hung out there a bit and many of those jokers think what they’re doing is The Gospel. They act like the ratings were written in stone by God and brought down the mountain by Moses.

    You think BJCP judges can be pompous blowhards? Try contradicting the ratings on the forum on BA.

    In the age when everyone is an expert and can score something on the internet….well…what does that really mean?

  33. Willie says:

    OK fellas. BJCP beerjudges go through several weeks of tasting beer styles from around the world in addition to learning history, ingredients, etc. It’s grueling. You go through a unique experience where you walk away from what you “think” is good beer to knowing how a beer style should taste at it’s best. BA is merely a website where people can tout a beer they like versus being able to judge the beer on it’s merits as it fits the style. I’ve seen way too many beers slammed because the taster thinks that the brown ale they are rating is “too thin” and “not hoppy enough” or whatever when in fact they complain that elements are missing that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    Having said all that. Surly SPECIFICALLY does NOT brew to beer styles, and Omar has said that numerous times. That’s their niche and it works well for them. The fact that Furious is marked as a classic example of Double IPA is obviously a jab at Omar by someone at BJCP because Furious is too low in ABV to fit the style for one example.

    In the end. There is room for everyone. Many people are tiring of some Surly fans slamming around critics of their beer when they are perfectly entitled to. What does Surly nation give a crap what anyone thinks about their beer anyway? Are you guys/gals so thin skinned you can’t take a little criticism? I’ve heard some of you out there slam LOTS of local beer and you know what? Life goes on and many people don’t give a crap what you think. Sooooo…crack open a Surly and enjoy life. Stop worrying so much what people say about your precious beer.

  34. al says:

    “Beerfan”, you were a bore two years ago, and you’re still a crashing bore. The same shit over and over again. Pack it it, bub.

  35. beerfan says:


    I have no clue what you’re talking about or who you are.

  36. DanK says:

    How is it that people have bought into the “Marketing” aspect of Surly? Last time I checked, they don’t advertise, promote or whore out their product.

  37. beerfan says:

    The art and beers names aren’t marketing?

  38. Matt says:

    Nope. Not exclusively, at least.

  39. DanK says:

    No, that would be called branding. Branding can make or break a product. It’s the first impression an uneducated consumer has if it’s done effectively. They can the beer in tallboy’s that look like energy drinks. I doubt most people buy it based off of just that. They’ve probably been told by someone to try it. In Surly’s case, word of mouth has been the reason that they’ve grown. They have a product that the MAJORITY likes. Many people try the beer on tap never seeing the logo or can. All they see is a metal tap handle. If they like the product and tell others that they enjoyed it, that’s a product driven reaction. Especially when no advertising is involved.

    And why is $20 so bad for a bottle of beer? You can go get a crappy bottle of wine for more than $20. Bottles of booze go for well over $20. None of which you can trade for other hard to get beers in this region.

    I’m not saying you can’t have your opinion. RIS are not my typical beer by any means. It just seems that you try to cause a reaction here that doesn’t hold much merit other than personal opinion. Especially when it’s on MNBeer and most people already know about Surly and there “scheming” to make more brainless goats buy more Surly.

  40. Duke says:

    Quite being so “edgy” Dank! You dont know what you like…beerfan does.

  41. beerfan says:

    OK, branding then. I think many people buy into the image and the beer is secondary. Otherwise, why take it so personally when someone doesn’t think Surly is the best ever? It’s kinda like people who wear lots of designer labels and think they’re trendy.

  42. Duke says:

    I meant to say quite…um yeah!

  43. Jason says:

    I’d like to hear the opinion of the people that spend hundreds of dollars on an ebay bottle after Darkness Day…

  44. al says:

    “Beerfan”, I’m not the only one who sees who, through your attacks, and your message, as that of a former instigator going as many identities, …”Steve”…hence the earlier sheep reference. Unless there are clones of you, all spitting the same stuff, every time someone brings up Surly.

  45. beerfan says:

    I really don’t know what you’re talking about, Al.

  46. al says:

    So There Are Clones.

  47. Andy S says:

    Only Surly can generate this kind of discussion.

  48. Matthew J says:

    Who does everyone think that beer needs to fall into a BJCP guideline?

    I am BJCP certified and enjoy Surly a great deal. When ever I have one of their beers I don’t come in with a notion of what their beer should taste like according to style.

    They don’t brew beers to style – they brew beers that they like to drink. Plain and simple.

    As long as they keep brewing, I will keep supporting. Supporting local breweries is crutial to their success.

    Besides, if you don’t like it – nothing is stopping you from starting up a competitor.

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