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Dome Dilemma

If you’re going to the Dome for a Twins game, or some other reason, you’ve probably encountered the dilemma of how you’re going to survive amongst all those macros. Summit comes to your rescue with a handy dandy listing of all the places in the Dome where you can find them:
– All Papa John’s stations (sections 119, 204, 224)
– Sections 140, 207, 212, 229


  1. chad says:

    bravo! Don’t forget the cadillac beer vendors–with bow ties. They play the lower level, and might hit your section once during a game.
    Let’s hope the Summit stations grow at Target Field.

  2. Cecil says:

    Have not been to a game this year, yet. But, last year there was a stand that had Schells Dark. Anyone know if Schells is available this year. Thanks.

  3. Ben says:

    Haven’t seen Schell’s anywhere at the Dome this year. That’s not to say it’s not there.

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