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ERB Release at Town Hall

What’s an ERB? Keep reading to find out and then head to Town Hall Thursday to taste it for yourself.

And if you’re staying in town for the long weekend, you may be able to get in on a tour of the brewery.

Hey All,

One of the brewers just had a baby son. He wanted to make a beer to celebrate and we will release the beer brewed for Elliott Ryder Bischoff “ERB” this Thursday. That way you can get some to take with on your big holiday weekend. ERB is a Black IPA / Cascadian style beer brewed to be loaded with hops, just a touch of chocolate, and dark in color. A nice beer that proud papa designed to help celebrate the addition to his family. Yep, $2.50 pints from 5-6pm this Thursday, Sept. 2.

Also, I will be around this weekend and had some interest in a brewery tour. I will be offering one at 1pm this coming Saturday if there is anyone left in the city. Please call and make your resevation today and leave your phone number, if numbers are not high enough we will cancel.



  1. ryan says:

    …and congrats to Josh!

  2. Aaron says:

    Cracked open a growler of this yesterday. Delicious!

  3. MikeS says:

    The tour was great..been on a few in my life and this one of the better ones. Mike you did a great job! Highly recommend

  4. Ben says:

    Really enjoyed it during Free Beer Hour on Saturday. Sad to see the Red Pale Ale go. Love a hoppy red ale.

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