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Firkins Bill(s) Round II

Jason Alvey, owner of St. Louis Park’s Four Firkins is once-again behind some interesting Minnesota beer legislation. Regular readers and beer nerds might recall last year’s attempt to pass a bill that would allow a liquor store to sell merchandise featuring the store’s logo. The legislation received opposition from the Minnesota Grocers Association and ultimately didn’t pass.  Although liquor stores in Minnesota can only sell 13 prescribed types of products, apparently the Grocers Association felt that t-shirts would be a “slippery slope.” Slippery? Silly? You tell me.

In any case, with help from Representative Steve Simon (SLP), the bill is returning this year. I spoke with Jason today got the impression that both he and Simon feel the bill will pass, though they’ll still need as much support as possible.

…but wait there’s more! Alvey and Simon also plan to introduce an “Education Bill” for liquor stores as well. This bill would allow all Minnesota liquor stores to hold one class per month and charge a fee per head to in order to pay special guest speakers. Currently this is illegal – as the law now stands, all off-sale tasting events must be free of charge. Alvey’s intention would be to pull in guest speakers from around the country and have attendees pay for the speakers’ time, not the beer.

Both of these pieces of legislation will need your support. We’ll keep you posted as things progress!


  1. Moe says:

    I never quite got the shirt sales thing. East Lake Liquors has been selling shirts with their logo on it for years.

  2. Patrick Curme says:

    C’mon Firkins Frequenters… we all need to educate ourselves about these upcoming legislative initiatives and get active!!! Speak to your representative and urge her/him to support these bills!!! Public policy action (real action) is the only way to create change!!!

  3. Carlos says:

    Man too bad Chi-Lake has been sellin’ “I survived Chi-Lake” shirts for years, none of this stuff is new or regulated it is important yes but also a bit of publicity too me thinks.

  4. ryan says:

    I think a lot of people have been surprised to find that liquor stores aren’t technically allowed to sell t-shirts and a lot of other things. By the look of it, they aren’t allowed to sell you a bag of chips or a pack of gum, either – and I know I’ve bought both of those things at one time or another in a liquor store in Minnesota.

    In any case, I know that since he opened the store, Alvey has attempted to play by the rules. Enforcement of the existing law probably comes down to tip-offs more than anything, and since The Four Firkins gets a lot of press already as a beer-only store, I’d speculate that he’s not taking any chances. That being said, I’m sure he has no complaints about the publicity either. 🙂

  5. ryan says:

    Troll comments have been deleted.

    Due to multiple requests over the years, we’re pulling the reins a bit tighter on comments. Trolling, name-calling and other garbage won’t stand. For the most part, it’s been a select few, using fake names and fake email addresses. The main rule is “don’t be a dick.” So don’t.

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