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Flat Earth Thursday Growlers


  • Angry Planet Pale Ale
  • Belgian Pale Ale
  • Cygnus X-1 Porter
  • Element 115 Lager
  • Unfiltered Belgian Pale Ale
  • Black Helicopter Coffee Stout
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Grand Design – S’more infused Cygnus


  1. Trav says:

    I forget how much the limited offerings are…was it $13 for a refill, $9 for regular stuff?

  2. FlatEarth says:

    Yep, $13 on the seasonal & $9 on the year round and Oatmeal Stout.

  3. Kyle says:

    Just cash or are you taking check cards now?

  4. kat says:

    Cash, Check or PayPal accepted.

  5. Kyle says:

    Paypal? How’s that work?

  6. Mag says:

    You bring your sugar-momma to pay for you. She’s your paypal.

  7. beerfan says:

    How do you infuse a beer with smores? OK, yeah. I can see chocolate would be easy, but marshmallow and graham cracker?

    Ot is it just a gimmick name for a chocolate porter?

  8. FlatEarth says:

    You of course could come down and try it for yourself and see if it comes close to a S’more, but we use different some special ingredients to help bring out the S’more flavors. Gimmick, I prefer creative.

  9. beerfan says:

    OK, creative, but there’s no way in hell you’re infusing with marshmallow and graham cracker!

  10. FlatEarth says:

    No way?

  11. David Berg says:

    Jeff, the correct response is “Way.” Didn’t you see Wayne’s World?

  12. AHein says:

    The S’more is superb! And so were the S’mores from A Baker’s Wife – thanks Jeff and the Flat Earth Crew… creative indeed!


  13. Willie says:

    Beerfan. I double-dog dare you to put your money where your mouth is. There’s a tour this Sat at 4, so go see the place and taste it for yourself. There’s more than 1 way to infuse a beer with flavor (leaving out the skinned cat comment). Give it a whirl, these guys are very creative!

  14. beerfan says:

    I’m not saying it don’t taste tasty.

    I’m saying if you put marshmallow and graham crackers in your beer you’ll have a mess.

  15. FlatEarth says:

    I’m not saying I’m stuffing Graham crackers, marshmallow & Chocolate in to growlers, but there are creative ways to create those delicious flavors.

  16. DanK says:

    “I’m not saying I’m stuffing Graham crackers, marshmallow & Chocolate in to growlers…”

    They’re using S’mores Pop Tarts. DUH!

  17. I had the Grand Design – S’more infused Cygnus on Friday night. It smelled wonderful and reminded me of a cereal I probably ate too much of as a kid.

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