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Fulton July Update


Is it really mid-July already? It feels like just 11 weeks ago that BP started dumping oil into the Gulf…oh yeah, it was. We’ll leave the heavy stuff to cable news,so here’s a short, sweet update on the world of Fulton.

We just had our biggest month of sales yet, which is exciting, though not that big of an accomplishment, since we’ve only been selling beer for about 8 months. Still, it’s great to see all the support that you’re giving us. Keep drinking it and we’ll keep making it. (And drinking it, too).

It appears that many of you have been enjoying the Lonely Blonde. If you like it–or, even if you don’t–shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you think. We’re always happy to hear from you. It’s now available at about a dozen bars (which can be found on the Lonely Blonde’s page at We’ll be getting it out into even more locations as the summer goes on.

That’s it for this month! We’re throttling back on the events this month a little to focus on a few of our other upcoming projects. We can’t say much about any of them just yet, but you’ll hear it here first. For now, rest assured that we have some majorly cool stuff in the pipeline.

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