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Fulton Lonely Blonde at King’s


We get a lot of requests about when we’re releasing our next beer and what it will
be. Well, ask and you shall receive–this time, anyway. Tomorrow (Thursday, June
3rd), we’re releasing our second full-time beer, the Lonely Blonde. An American
style blonde ale, the Lonely Blonde is so named because it is one of the only examples
of the style to be found locally. Though the Blonde is American born and raised,
its distinct old world roots are clear, thanks to the three German hop varieties
we add during the boil. The Lonely Blonde is an exceptionally balanced beer, light
enough for the hottest summer day, but complex enough to keep you company any day
of the year. So, if you see a Lonely Blonde at the bar, be sure to stop and introduce
yourself–it just might be the beginning of a beatiful relationship.


  1. Flat Earth says:

    The only except Flat Earth’s Hep Cat Blonde Ale.

  2. Mag says:

    Great Waters has a blond as well.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey guys, just to clarify, we wrote “one of the only”, not “the only”. We’ve enjoyed both Hep Cat and Golden Prairie on more than one occasion.

  4. Mag says:

    Oh those squirrely unparseable idioms, always making life difficult.

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