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Get your first tan of the summer….

Lift Bridge Brewery keeps raising the, er, bar, for brewing in Minnesota!

We are pleased to release our 3rd specialty beer called Minnesota Tan.  Those who attended the Lift Bridge Beer Dinner @ the Water Street Inn got a sneak taste.

Beer style: Infused Belgian Triple Ale
ABV: 8.5%
Description: Belgian Triple Ale infused with Lingonberries give this beer a pink tint, much like the first tan of the summer.  Don’t get burned while enjoying this refreshing summer treat.

Brad delivered kegs to the following places today:

We hope you enjoy the beer as much as we enjoyed brewing it.


  1. Ben says:

    All east of the river. Pass.

  2. Kris says:

    I was one of those lucky folks that got a first taste of it at their beer dinner and it was great! Can’t wait to have more.

  3. Trav says:

    All west of the St. Croix and East of the Mississippi, North of 494 and South of 694. Horrible! Pass!

  4. @Trav, LOL

    I’m gonna have to get some. It sounds delicious!

  5. Brad Glynn says:

    sorry about limited distribution… I will be dropping a couple to Stub’s on Monday and would think it would be on by the weekend. As we are increasing our reach with distribution, I welcome any suggestions for your local bar / store that you would like to see LB at. Email me direct at and I will see what we can do! In the meantime, all us “easterners” will check it out 😉

  6. I had a couple pints of Minnesota Tan while having dinner on Ngon’s patio. Wow! What a great tasting beer! Dinner was darn good also.

  7. Chip W. says:

    What a great name!

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