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Surly & Brooklyn Center Liquor May Bring Back Darkness Day

Brooklyn Center Liquor partners with Surly Brewing to sell ‘Darkness’ at fall festival, Wendy Erlien, Sun Newspapers

Eric’s been keeping tight lips about this one for a number of weeks, but it looks like Sun Newspaper scooped us. In any case, Darkness Day looks much more likely this year than previously thought. We won’t go so far as to say that’s definite (Omar alluded to that on BA), but it looks better, anyway…

A lease agreement approved by the council allows Brooklyn Center Liquor to lease a space in the Surly Brewing Co. building, 4811 Dusharme Drive, to sell the beer for one day during the festival.

The beer [Darkness] will be purchased from Surly Brewing Co., delivered to the leased space and sold in special 750 centiliter [ml, actually -ryan] bottles that are smaller than the previously sold growlers. A growler, as defined by Surly, is a “refillable, reusable glass beer jug” for individuals to purchase 64 ounces of beer to bring home.


  1. Eric says:

    It’s amazing the things you can learn when reading agendas and minutes from city council meetings on slow work days!

  2. Kris says:

    Sweet news! Looking forward to getting the date circled on my calendar.

  3. shanes66charger says:

    Atta way city council………way to serve your commnity!

  4. al says:

    Great news! Seems like Brooklyn Center knows what an asset Surly is to their town!

  5. Chip W. says:

    Omar is a diabolical genius… the kind of hero craft beer needs.

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