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Groveland Tap Summit Summer Party

You know you can count on Groveland Tap to have one of the most complete line ups of Summit beer any day of the week. But they’re doing themselves one better on August 15th when they’ll be offering $2 Summit beers all day in their 2400 square foot tent.

In addition, there will be live music 5-10 pm.


  1. kai says:

    Tent?! Where/what do you speak of?

  2. Ben says:

    Good point. Not sure where they have room for a tent. It’s usually hard to even find standing room inside there when there’s any kinda event going on.

  3. Carey says:

    They usually put a tent up behind the pub off the alley-rather spacious one too!

  4. Duke says:

    Ben, what are you talking about? Maybe one or two times out of the one million times I have been to the Tap have I had to wait a bit to find a place to sit. There is always standing room. You are aware of the game room in back right? Anyway, they put the tent in the back of the bar.

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