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SOLD OUT! Let the Herkimer drive you to Bockfest

Need a ride to Bockfest? The Herkimer is once-again offering you a ride…

Join us at 10:00 at The Herkimer on the morning of Saturday, February 2nd. Where we will embark on a tradition that is older than YOU. We are taking you and 54 of your closest friends on a Greyhound Bus to New Ulm for Bock Fest for the second year in a row.

The Cost is $50. Here is what you get:
1. Breakfast at The Herkimer
2. Luxury ride on a Greyhound Bus to and from.
3. Beer on the Greyhound to and from.
4. Admission to the Bock Fest.

To secure your place sign up and pay at The Herkimer. Remember, we can only take 55! For additional information, call Chad at 612 237 4524

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  1. Trav says:

    That came up quick, only a month away already! Half the fun is doing the pub crawl in downtown that night. …If your still upright and reserved a room a year in advance.

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