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New Beer at Great Waters

Be sure to check out the new beers over at Great Waters – Flying Circus Big Hop Ale (which is on cask) and Bring Out Yer Dead Red.

Flying Circus Big Hop Ale – This IPA like brew returns. Lots of Golden Promise malt, some unique hop varieties, cask conditioned, and dry hopped for an aroma that is completely different. Big malty backbone and a fanfare of hop flavour.

Bring Out Yer Dead Red – Another tribute to Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”. This deep amber beer is brewed with Minnesota wild flower honey and Egyptian chamomile flower flown in by African Swallows. Easy drinking exotically spiced ale.

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  1. I enjoyed the Flying Circus Big Hop Ale. It was not lacking in hoppiness! In contrast, Minneapolis Town Hall’s Masala Mama IPA looses a lot of its hoppiness when it is put on cask. I definitely prefer the Big Hop Ale on cask to the Masala Mama on cask.

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