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New Brewpub Legislation

Aaron tweeted a link to an interesting new bill, SF 1013, which would essentially allow brewpubs to sell beer to wholesalers. Follow the link above to see the proposed changes. Our man at the capitol is working on more information as we speak… or doing his day job… or both… we hope!

Brewers who also hold one or more retail on-sale licenses and who manufacture malt liquor  at any one licensed premises, for retail sale at on-sale or off-sale at any licensed premises owned by the brewer,
as permitted and limited by subdivision 7, and for sale to licensed wholesalers for distribution to other
retail licensees without limit. A brewer licensed under this clause must obtain a separate license for
each licensed premises where the brewer brews malt liquor. A brewer licensed under this clause may not be licensed as an importer under this chapter


  1. Trav says:

    Well here’s hoping it doesn’t get stopped by folks in the final hour like what happened in ’05 or ’06!

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