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New Label Art from Summit

After seeing the artwork for the Union Series as well as the new logo, we figured it wouldn’t be too long before Summit rolled out new labels. No word yet as to when we’ll start seeing these on bottles, but I think they look pretty damn good.



  1. Cris E says:

    So tell me a little more about that one in the lower left corner….

    1. Jeff Williamson is brewing a nice, malty Biere De Garde for Unchained 14. 7+% ABV. Perfect for bonfires, roasted meats, and holiday pairing. Release date tentatively of mid-October. More details including video coming soon to Summit’s Facebook and YouTube page. Like and Subscribe to be in the loop. Cheers!

  2. The new labels will start rolling out soon. Gradually between this fall and next spring. Starting with our core brands and the brands included in the Winter Sampler (EPA, Horizon, True Brit, Winter). As you can see, Unchained 14 is also in the new packaging. We’re very excited about this family of labels. We think they tell the story of the beer and of Summit well and we’re happy for all the work that Duffy & Partners put into them.
    Chip @ Summit Brewing Company
    Any questions – post them here or e-mail us at

  3. Trav says:

    Horizon is called an IPA now-did anything change recipe wise? Suppose its splitting hairs calling it a ‘Red Ale’ versus IPA. I would imagine having IPA on the label may boost sales though.

    1. @Trav – None of our beers’ recipes have or will change in this transition of branding/graphics. Horizon Red IPA and True Brit IPA are simply more accurate descriptors of the flavors and spirit of the respective beers so that IPA drinkers know a bit more of what to expect from them.

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