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Pour Decisions isn’t Kidding

April Fool’s Day over, isn’t it? In any case, if you haven’t seen the Heavy Table piece, check it out.  Their website has been update as well, and more importantly they’ve shared details of their flagship beers: Patersbier, described as “A crisp monk’s golden ale” and Pubstitute, “a dark Scottish session ale.” Definitely a departure from what you might expect from a new brewery and probably a smart move as well. There aren’t many Scottish Ale brewed in this market that don’t fall into the Wee Heavy/Scotch Ale gravity range. And Patersbier… I’d guess that some of you probably haven’t even heard of the style, let alone tasted an example. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a couple different homebrewers’ attempts at the Northern Brewer recipe designed by Kris and “Brew Like a Monk” author Stan Hieronymus. If these were any indication, I think it’s fair to say that Pour Decisions commercial product will be very good.

We wish them well. I’m looking forward to trying their beers.