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Summit Cellar Expansion

Every time I hear progress of one of our locals (especially one that my gullet has so much history with, I beam with a little bit of pride. Here’s some video of the progress of Summit’s cellar expansion. That’s one hell of a fridge! Way to go Summit!

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  1. Frank says:

    I was very fortunate to have worked at the new brewery in 1998. It was the first new from the ground up brewery built in Minnesota in the age of electric power. That made me one of the only electricians ever to have wired a new brewery in this state.

    It would have been fun to have been a part of this expansion. It’s gotten a little tattered, but the Summit sticker I got then is still on my tool box, and occasionally I still get asked about. It’s a point of pride and gives me an opportunity to brag.

    Maybe with the increase in capacity we can get some hefe weizen again!

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