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Summit & Surly – Contests & Winners

Summit continues with their monthly “Get to the Bottom of It” contest and you have a few days left to vote for your favorite. Winners will be announced in early March.

At the Four release Tuesday night, Surly announced the winners in their 2009 Surly Photo Contest. Congrats to Cory Chenevert who was awarded 1st place and to Don Osborn who took 2nd place. For their efforts they’ll both be getting some Darkness and additionally Cory will get a Surly coat. Check out their photos here.


  1. ryan says:

    Wow. Good to see a couple of MNBeer buddies win the contest, and others entering. In any case, enjoy it guys. Nice photos!

  2. Andy s says:

    Hell yeah I knew when we took that picture it was going to win…pushed Cory for about 2 months to get him to submit it….thanks ryan and keep up the good work

  3. Don O says:

    Um, thanks for sharing. I had not heard. This is awesome. One year I purposefully submitted photos to the Flickr group trying to win, and didn’t. This year I just uploaded a few Surly pics now and then to share with the group, and I got second. So what’s the lesson, try less, do better?

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