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Support Surly Event at Four Firkins

On Friday The Four Firkins will hold an event in support of Surly with free samples & info on local representatives and senators.

Cheers! Perhaps I’ll be there with the kiddo’ for a bit!

Support Surly’s Destination Brewery!

How? Come and drink some free Surly samples, sign a letter of support, and pick up some info on your local Representatives and Senators while you’re here.

Why? Surly wants to build a 20 million dollar “destination brewery” here in Minnesota that would have a bar, roof deck, restaurant and even an event center. It would also create hundreds of new jobs.

Currently Minnesota law prohibits such a destination brewery from being built. It is illegal for a brewery to sell pints of its own beer to the public on the brewery grounds.

It is worth noting that many states in the union DO allow microbreweries to sell their own beers at their brewery, but not Minnesota.

What can you do about it? Come down to the Firkins this Friday night from 6:00pm till 9:00pm for some free samples of Surly’s beer. We will have print-outs of the local districts and lists of the Representatives and Senators associated with them. When you’ve had your free beer go home and write or call your Representatives and Senators and tell them that you want them to support this law change.

It’s going to take every one of us to make this happen. There is some staunch opposition with deep pockets who will do everything they can to make sure this does not pass. Craft Beer lovers, we need to unite!

See you on Friday evening!

It should be noted that Surly is not sponsoring this event. The Four Firkins is doing this of our own free will and we are covering all costs involved. We strongly support Surly on this issue.

Jason Alvey.