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Surly Fest Update

The SurlyFest kickoff happens at Stub & Herb’s bar on Tuesday, September 11th. SurlyFest & Furious pints for $3 and free Surly pint glasses to folks that show up early. A great place to kick things off as Stub and Herb’s will now be focusing on local microbrewed beer. See you next Tuesday.
Oh yeah, cans will hit the liquor stores Tuesday/Wednesday next week. Omar


  1. Scott says:

    Any word on what time they are starting up? I work about five minutes from there and could go for a free pint glass.

  2. Eric says:

    I haven’t seen a time listed anywhere, but their happy hour starts at 11:30am and runs until 7pm.

  3. Eric says:

    Omar just sent out an email….they’ll be rolling in around 7pm.

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