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Surly Releases Brett Mikkel’s IPA


Surly teamed up with the Copenhagen, Denmark brewery Mikkeller— to come up with a brew that pokes fun at our favorite (or least favorite) pink pants wearing, make up laden, 80s butt rocker Bret Michaels. This funky IPA is fermented with Brettanomyces which differ from Lactobacillus in that they are a strain yeast, not bacteria.

Bottles (750 ML) have gone out to stores in their Twin Cities, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Iowa markets after a positive reception at the beer hall last summer. Most stores are charging around $9.99 a bottle so it’s pretty affordable compared to a lot of special releases.

Barnyard and tropical notes are evident in the nose right off the bat. Sweetness from the honey comes through slightly in the flavor but is soon overwhelmed by the bitterness of the german hops. The finish is nice and dry making this an extremely drinkable beverage. I’d grab this as soon as you can though because I can’t imagine it will sit on shelves long.