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Chop & Brew #8: How to Cook with Beer

A couple of months ago, Better Beer Society University hosted the one-and-only Homebrew Chef Sean Z. Paxton and a presentation Paxton called “How to Cook with Beer.” If you aren’t aware, Paxton is a frequent contributor to Beer Advocate, Zymurgy and The Brewing Network. He is not only one of the world’s most well-known beer cuisine experts, but also an avid homebrewer. Chop & Brew is proud to bring you this presentation Paxton delivered at BBSU. Some Twin Cities Beer Geek All-Stars also make audience member cameos. Grab a notepad, a beer, and something to nosh on because some epic science is about to be dropped. This episode also unveils the new Chop & Brew logo hand-crafted by Saint Paul artist DWITT, who will likely be making an interesting chop- and/or brew-related appearance in the show in the near future.

Chop & Brew #7: Roll Out the Barrels

A group of local homebrewers is having a barrel of fun. Actually, FOUR barrels of fun! The Nordeast Brewers Alliance is on an epic mission: to fill four 59-gallon French oak wine barrels with some big batches of homebrew. Twin Cities’ own Chop & Brew webshow rides shotgun on barrel fill day and checks in for a three-month taste panel to see how the beer are progressing. See this episode page link for the club’s barrel beer recipes and more.

Chop & Brew #6: Growing Hops at Home (Part 1)

Another spring, another hop crop gets underway in Minnesota. This episode of Chop & Brew looks at the basic steps to planting hop rhizomes in containers and in the ground. The C&B crew helps new hop-growers with tips and techniques for the start of the growing season. Chop & Brew will do several episodes over the coming months on maintenance, harvesting, drying and of course a fresh-hop brew day episode. For related links and resources see the official episode page at Chop & Brew’s website.

Also, check out this Chop & Brew Lagniappe video “Cooking Hop Shoots (Hop Asparagus)”

Chop & Brew #5.5: Not an Official Episode

In this shorter “unofficial” episode of Chop & Brew, Chip pulls himself away from grad school work for a few moments to share some announcements, thoughts, and homebrewing/cooking resources. Got a crazy idea for a homebrew session, a go-to house beer recipe or mad skills in the kitchen you’d like to share with the people? Chop & Brew is looking for Twin Cities area homebrewers and/or home chefs with ideas for and interest in being featuring in future episodes. If you are game, contact them at chopandbrew@gmail.com.

Chop & Brew #5: Irish Beef Stew & Some Tasting Notes

This episode lives up to the series’ name, complete with some Chop AND Brew. First, an Irish Beef Stew to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (also good for any random chilly evening). Then Chip is joined by local homebrewers Bryon Adams, Chris Paynes and Don Osborn for tasting notes on The Nazz Session IPA and Golden Sunlight Belgian Tripel IPA brewed back in Episode 3. The discussion includes some thoughts on late-addition hops, mid-fermentation sugar additions and mash temperatures.

And who says every batch of homebrew turns out perfect? Not us. See this link for a Lagniappe video in which we taste and try to figure out what went awry with two earlier C&B beers.