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Town Hall Anniversary Week

Monday, 24th – Mango Mama
IPA aged on a bed of mango fruit- Buy your ticket to get one of the 70 growlers (ticket sales begin 10/16 @11am $18 refill/$21 new glass). Drink it by the pint, 16 oz. for $6, or 10 oz pour for $5.25.
Tuesday, 25th Anniversary Dinner
Wednesday, 26th – Anniversary Ale
Celebratory chocolate and caramel rich hoppy ale. Regular pricing and growler procedures apply.
Thursday, 27th – Czar Jack
Very limited amount, sorry no growlers (You’ll have to wait until Barrel Aged Week in February). 10 oz. pour $6.
Friday, 28th – Tumaltuous
This is Town Hall’s Wheat Wine. Very strong, 10 oz. pours only. $4.75 growlers available at $15 refill/$18 new glass.
Saturday, 29th – Three Hour Tour
Everyone’s favorite Coconut Milk Stout. $4.25 10 oz. or $5.25 16 oz. Growlers available at $12.50 refill /$16 new glass.

For all of the pint club members, yes, your discount will also apply to these beers.

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  1. Ben says:

    It’s a bit late now but as with every year, each day you go you receive a stamp. 5 stamps get you 1 entry and 6 get you 2 entries. One person will win a trip to Madison, WI and the Great Taste Of The Midwest.

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