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Vine Park Walnut Brown Ale in growlers

Vine ParkYup. That about sums it up. Wait…

Our Walnut Brown, an all grain version that is medium bodied with a mild hop profile that let’s the malt come forward with a slight coffee flavor.

Sounds tasty! I think I may have to send Dawn over after work some time to pick some up!

We’ll be adding them to the “breweries” page soon. I’m very glad to see these beer in growlers!


  1. Trav says:

    I had some of the IPA that was out. It was pretty much undrinkable for me. Not sure what the deal was, but it absolutley NO hop profile to it, and just plain tasted bad. I still hold out some hope for their other releases, but im mighty sceptical now

  2. ryan says:

    That’s too bad. I didn’t have the IPA, but I’ve had a number of beers that others have made at VP and they were all good. I’d say give them another chance.

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