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WWYI? Who Would You Interview?

So… we’ve been slacking on the six-pack interviews… a great idea, but just not executed… so… with regards to Minnesota beer-related movers and shakers, who would you like to see interviewed?


  1. Brett Glenna says:

    The founder of Summit Brewing

  2. Jeff says:

    Brad? Corey at Hohensteins? Lanny Hoff?

    Who is a mover and a shaker around here? What makes you one?

  3. Peter says:

    Just off the top of my head….

    Alvey from Four Firkins

    Omar from Surly

    Jeff from Flat Earth

    Any brewer from any brew pub/brewery in MN….or dare I say (from our very own Tijuana) Wisconsin

    Craft brew friendly bar tenders/bar owners

    So pour a pint and roll tape!

  4. Greg says:

    Alvey from the Four Firkins

    Todd Haug from Surly

    Brewmaster at Flat Earth

    Brewmaster at Lift Bridge

  5. Greg says:

    You know, I would also throw in Sean Brush at the Firkins. I frequent the place a lot and he really knows his stuff. Everything he has recommended to me has been excellent. Interesting guy too.

  6. Jeff says:

    Mike and Dave Hoops
    John Moore
    Brian Tonnas

  7. dave says:

    more obscure small beer joints outside the st.paul/minneapolis metro… exposure keeps beer alive these days and go while gas is cheap-er…

  8. Eric says:

    Can writers chime in!? How about Colin Mullen (Barley Johns) or Pete Rifakes (Town Hall) about the Craft Brewers Guild and their legislative activity?

  9. SPB says:

    I’d like to hear from the Town Hall people, the Barley Johns people, Alvey, the Acadia people, or John over at Stub and Herbs.

    Thanks for the mention Greg, but I don’t think I’m quite a mover or a shaker yet.
    Although I can shake that ass pretty good. But that’s another story for a different forum…

  10. Joe says:

    Bill @ Princeton’s
    John @ DBL
    Jim @ Blue Max
    John @ Sterb’s
    Colin @ BJ’s
    Mike and Dave Hoops
    Steve from Lift Bridge
    Brad from Chisago
    Corey from Hohenstein’s
    Omar and Todd
    Jeff @flat Earth

  11. Mag says:

    I like the idea of doing something a little less obvious. I think one of the distributors could be interested. Or, we could in the other direction (pre-production). We’ve got Rahr Malting (or Brewers Supply Group), as an example. We could probably find an executive willing to spend a bit of time doing an interview. Another idea is to find out who the brewers think we should interview. It may be that they’d have some old-school mentors who’d make for a good interview. Heck, if there is a nice concentration of them having received their edumactations from one particular place, we could see about having an interview with someone from that school (e.g. Siebel Institute…you get the idea). My two cents.

  12. Alvey says:

    Lanny Hoff, Artisanal Imports, that guy is a smart mother fucker and he knows his shit! He’s got some pretty wild stories about beer in far off places too….

  13. Jon from Stub's says:

    I think it would be great to interview the old team fro All Saints. Brad the beer guy, Lanny Hoof, Corey Shovein and Jason from Bell’s. It would be great to hear what they have to say about how far the MN craft beer scene has come since the early 90’s.

  14. Joe says:

    100% agree with Jon. Plus the combined knowledge of those four is unmatched!

  15. Chad says:

    I’d offer up curt/Kathy stock or Kristen. England from the Saint Paul homebrewers club. Or, really, anyone in the local homebrewing “scene”. We have two of the best Homebrew shops and the #1 competition homebrewers club in the country right here in the Twin Cities. You can’t go wrong.

    (apologies for any names that I spelled dead wrong. I’m posting this from my phone. And I’ve had more than one beer.)

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