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A New Logo Sponsorship and Beer Series for Summit

Brand-spanking new Summit logo

Brand-spanking new Summit logo

Summit will be debuting a new logo, sponsorship and beer this April. At right is Summit’s new logo, set to debut April 1st at the Minnesota Twins opening day in the newly redesigned Summit Town Ball Tavern. Summit’s new Union Series debuts April 15th with Meridian Session Ale.

This is Summit’s third take on their logo after a rebranding in 1999 with the opening of the new (current) brewery. “Innovation is part of our DNA and we think this change signals that commitment while also honoring the community that built this company.” said Summit founder Mark Stutrud.

Summit’s new Union Series is said to be inspired by the union of new ingredients and time-honored brewing traditions. We don’t have official word from the brewery just yet, we suspect that Meridian Session Ale will be in the style ballpark of a Belgian Enkel and will feature a couple of “newer” brewing ingredients, Concerto Pale Malt and Meridian hops. Official work on this beer should be confirmed in late March.

Read more about Meridian hops.

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