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Bemidji Brewing Co. Kickstart

Check out Bemidji Brewing Company looking to start up a brewery in Northern Minnesota.

Following the lean start up approach, we hope to start our brewery with a pilot system capable of producing approximately 25 gallon batches, basically enough beer to supply 1-2 bar accounts in Bemidji. This system will be comprised of all the brewing kettles, fermentation vessels, and kegging equipment necessary to fulfill this initial demand. With our beer on the market, and concrete sales and demand information, Bemidji Brewing will then be poised to make the jump to full-fledged production brewery. A pilot brewing system is the first step towards our larger goal of providing Bemidji and Northern Minnesota with fresh, local craft beer.


  1. Trav says:

    Wow, they are well on there way to the goal already. It worked for Lucid, im sure we’ll see more and more of this. Good story on Kickstarter on Rock Center last week that profiled some of the success stories.

  2. Ben says:

    There are at least 3 MN breweries/brewpubs using Kickstarter right now.

  3. Scott McGerik says:

    w00t! They met and beat their Kickstarter goal!

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