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Brewery Tours at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

Looking for something new to do on your Saturday? Head over to Town Hall Brewery for a brewery tour the first Saturday of the month (or the 2nd if the 1st falls on a holiday). Time: 1pm. Price: $7 (Includes 1 pint, samples with “official THB tasting glass” for you to keep, 10% off food after the tour, and quality time with brewer Mike Hoops). First Tour: Saturday, July 11th.

[If you make the tour, be sure to brush your teeth and dress snappy. You may be subject to the long… er short lens of MNBeer’s camera… -ryan]

Howdy Folks-
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! The rumor of Town Hall Brewery tours will become a reality Saturday, July 11th. Look for tours the first saturday of each month at 1pm. They will be on a first come, first serve basis and we will service the first 15 of you to sign up.(see bartender for sign up). The tour will offered for the small fee of $7 and will include your first pint of beer (filled at the bar prior to tour departure), samples in our lower brewery area tasting room poured in your “official TH Brewery tasting glass” THAT YOU KEEP, and 10% off your food post tour. I will be conducting your tours and look forward to your questions pertaining to our beer and how all those tanks work. Expect tours to last 30-60 mins. (length determined by participants questions/interaction).
Again space limited to the first 15, so get yourself signed up today! We will begin with one tour each Saturday and add more as needed. Tour dates will be adjusted for months that begin with a holiday on the first Saturday.
Group tours can be arranged by appointment with at least two weeks notice, and can be a fun choice for a casual company/work outing.
Expect to have fun and you may even learn something!
Mike Hoops
Head Brewer


  1. ryan says:

    This should be fun… Not to mention probably full already… TH has quite an operation…

  2. Ben says:

    Does sound like a cool deal. Been down to the tasting room. Nice setup.

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