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Chop & Brew: New Locally Produced Homebrew Podcast

Chop AND Brew? We’re listening.

Chop & Brew is a new webcast produced by Chip Walton, former video nerd for Northern Brewer and Brewing TV. He’s now working a full-time day job at Summit Brewing Company and producing this beer and food vodcast in his free time. To learn more about the show’s mission statement, see this link for an interview with Chip by Minnesota Beer Activists’ Andrew Schmitt.

C&B is already three episodes deep so there’s some catching up to do:
Episode 01 “Two Reds are Better Than One” was the “pilot episode” and resulted in two homebrewed red ales.
Episode 03 “Brewing for 311 and Dre Day” was released this week. In it we join the C&B Crew as they homebrew three ales in tribute to the band 311 and a malt liquor that was a part of the recent Dre Day party at Triple Rock Social Club.

We’ll embed Episode 02 here because… well, beacuse they’re “Makin’ Bacon!” And bacon is goooooood. Check out Drew Flaten from the kitchen crew at Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub droppin’ some mad science on making bacon at home.

As we did with Brewing TV episodes, we’ve invited Chip to post his episodes here at MNBeer. He expects the release schedule to be every other Friday.

Chop for Chop, Brew for Brew!

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  1. Chip Walton says:

    Thanks for the support, Team MNBeer! Anyone with show ideas, please let me know about them at Facebook, Twitter or Cheers! Chip W.

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