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Congrats Minnesota GABF Winners

gabf13_logo_insideCongrats to our Minnesota winners at the Great American Beer Festival. All in all, Minnesota breweries took home four medals – twi silver and two bronze medals. The winners:

Silver – Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery – “Twisted Trace” (Wood and Barrel-aged Strong Beer)

Silver – Summit Brewing Co. – “True Brit IPA” (Extra Special Bitter)

Bronze – August Schell Brewing Co. “Oktoberfest” (American-Style Amber Lager)

Bronze – Surly Brewing Co. “Pentagram” (Wood and Barrel-aged Sour Beer)

You can check out the complete list of winners here.

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  1. Thanks, MN Beer. Congrats to all the MN breweries that were at the festival including the breweries represented at the MN Craft Brewers Guild area. There was more MN beer there than most people think. And the beer geeks loved it. Cheers!

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